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Summer Staycation in Your Master Retreat

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

There’s no need to plan a summer vacation when you can create your own luxurious getaway within the comfort of your home. For the ultimate in rest and relaxation this summer, transform your master bathroom into a calming spa retreat with these design tips from our Hawaii Kai Harmony project:

  • Invest in quality bespoke cabinetry: Design options are limitless with bespoke cabinetry, as it can be customized for your specific needs and spaces, giving your master retreat a unique touch. High quality materials will help your investment stand the test of time, ensuring your budget is well spent.

  • Opt for a larger entryway: Extend your doorway from the standard 36 inches to 40 inches for a roomier entrance that will make it much easier for you and your significant other to step into paradise together.

  • Install a drop-in bathtub: Drop-in tubs have a finished rim and can be installed in corners, peninsulas and islands, or sunk into the floor. Compared to a three-wall alcove, a drop-in bathtub better captures a spa-like look and feel. The homeowners of this master retreat chose a Kohler drop-in bathtub, which we positioned near the window to capture natural sunlight.

  • Select tile as your bathtub and flooring materials: As one of the longest lasting flooring materials, tile is low maintenance and hypoallergenic, so you can enjoy your bath stress-free.

  • Opt for calm paint colors: Desaturated hues on the cooler side of the spectrum (think: muted greens and blues) create a soothing environment. We painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s HC-93 Carrington Beige and a feature wall near the bedroom in the calm and cool HC-147 Woodlawn Blue.

  • Add an extravagant touch with a glass partition: Glass partitions can be custom designed to meet homeowner’s tastes and provide privacy, while still giving your master retreat an open feel. We reached out to local artist William Grix to create this custom piece that features a tropical monstera leaf motif.

Your very own spa-like master bathroom awaits you with these design ideas. Just imagine, your master retreat will become a peaceful getaway you’ll want to relax in all weekend long!

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